On October 3, 1987, twenty-five members of Bethel Presbyterian Church in East Orange, New Jersey met to discuss the feasibility of beginning a new church work. The group prayerfully decided to begin home worship service; however, this became unnecessary as Christ Chapel at Upsala College was secured in time for the first service. The following Sunday, 45 people attended and the service was moved to the larger chapel. Praise and worship grew stronger every week. The congregation served as choir and later the Instruments of Praise aided in the ministry of music. Many signs encouraged the new church work and affirmed our walk by faith. On October 25, 1987, seven commissioners were elected to form the first Official Board. The body accepted "Church of the New Covenant" as its name and fifty-five people formed the first official membership roster. The Reverend Ralph Tucker was the first pastor. The Church of the New Covenant was incorporated on
October 29, 1987, ending the year with increased attendance and establishment of "Bring A Friend Sunday"  the 4th Sunday of each month. Between 1988 and 1990, the church experienced growth in many areas and the Church's music ministry, under the inspiration of Minister of Music, Ronald Andrews, had become a potent force in the spiritual life of the Church. We began our Children & Youth Ministry and a Building Search Committee was formed to find a permanent home. The year 1992 was marked by a great loss to the body when in March the lord called home His servant W. Bea Gartrell; she was instrumental from the church begins. In July of 1992, our first pastor, Rev. Ralph Tucker resigned. The succeeding two years were eventful. In 1993, Elder Langston Miles and his family joined the body and offered their guidance and service. On December 30, 1993, the church purchased real estate located at 343 Dodd Street in East Orange with a plan to convert the property into the first permanent home of the Church of the New Covenant.
In June 1994, after careful consideration, the Church attained a consensus and determined that a call should be extended to the Reverend Michael Teague. Reverend Michael Teague accepted the call and the effects of his leadership were immediately manifested in the spiritual and temporal life of the Church. Reverend Teague challenged us to be: Biblically Informed, Theologically Sophisticated, and Culturally Relevant, as we sought to spread the gospel and exemplify God's love and charity to the community. On December 31, 1995, by God's grace, Church of the New Covenant held its first worship service at its new church home, 343 Dodd Street, East Orange, New Jersey. In 1996, we were overjoyed at the participation in our first ministerial licensing of Minister Glenn Wilson. CNC PRAISED THE LORD as we paid off the mortgage and became owners of our building. Unfortunately, the Minister of Music, Ronald Andrews, departed us that year. In April of 1999, our second pastor, Reverend Michael Teague resigned. In the interim, we continued to be blessed by the spiritual leadership of Elder Langston Miles. The year 2000 brought forth success by the Pastor Search Committee and the Music Search Committee. After a long process, Elder Jeffery Kearney was given the call to pastor the Church of the New Covenant. Elder Kearney was installed as Pastor in November. This resulted in God continuing to bless the body as a whole. Membership grew and the feelings of positive change and growth were evident. We were blessed by the anointing of Kenneth Bunn, who eventually became our Minister of Music.
In 2005, with the out of state relocation of Minister of Music, Kenneth Bunn, CNC was once again blessed with an anointed musician when Calvin Blount was called to fulfill position of Minister of Music. Creative Arts at Church of the New Covenant was enhanced with the addition of Fresh Anointing Dance Ministry which began through the vision of Laverne Sanders, then Jeanette Bryant with the transition of Laverne Sanders to another ministry. Soon after, Jeanette Bryant also resigned, and FADM was entrusted under the leadership of Joshshena Bonds. The next few years marked a spiritual rebirth, as the purpose, presence and power of the Holy Spirit rained on us, in and through the church body. God filled Elder Kearney with a passion to lead CNC unto the wonders of worship, as he imparted sound doctrine, knowledgeable application and practical truth. The year 2012, was celebrated with many milestones as CNC celebrates 25 years of ministry. In May we had our first ordination which Sylvia Kearney was ordained Elder and Marcus Addison as Deacon. The Church of the New Covenant voted and replaced the existing constitution to a bible centered Church Covenant. We have undertaken many changes in the past 25 years, however every change has a time and season that is altered and adjusted by God. The heavens rejoice as CNC embraces Moving Forward!